Saturday, April 18, 2015


Sometimes I don't even know what to title these post anymore.
Sometimes I feel like I'm writing the same stuff over and over.
Sometimes I feel like no one wants to hear me.
Sometimes I feel like I should be getting to a place where I don't need this.
Sometimes I feel like I should be happier.

Life keeps going and I can't make it stop.
Life gets in the way when we want it to go as planned.
A jumbled up mess is what's left.
Hiding from life, staying inside.
Not an option.
Get up, get dressed, smile.... Repeat.
And so goes the day.

Somedays I just miss them and my heart hurts.
Somedays I just want to sit and hold them.
Somedays I wish I could get another day.
Somedays I wonder what your laugh would sound like.
What our days would be like, how your eyes would shine.
   And I miss you.