Monday, November 30, 2015


Is that a word? Maybe it's two as in Not Understanding. Maybe there is another word. Nomally you put "un" in front of something to show its opposite of what you're trying so say. Unapologetic = not apologetic. Un-sportsmanlike = bad attitude. But it's not Un-understanding. And this type is not confusion, or maybe it is. Maybe it's the lack of knowledge to know better. To do better. Maybe it's just mankind being Un-kind. Maybe I am less understanding of people who don't get it. 

This is the same as when people as how you are. They don't really wanna know. And you say anything more than "ok or making it" and you get strange looks. Well you asked! So when, you ask someone "why" or if someone tells you "I promise you, you don't wanna know" believe them. There are things that happen to people that you don't wanna know about. You may think you do. But honestly you don't.