Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recovery at 2 weeks

My hystorectomy was 2 weeks and 4 days ago. I am recovering really well. Better than when I had my tubes tied even. It feels much like a natural delivery recovery. So I have to remind myself that I had major surgery.  

I saw my doctor on Thursday he said my incisions look real good. All of my test came back good and I'm tired all the time because I'm recovering. He explained that just because I wasn't cut wide open and didn't have a long hospital stay doesn't mean I didn't have a major surgery. He removed an organ that I was born with and I need to act like it. 

So over the last few days I've taken more naps, and rested as much as I can. And I'm not as tired or sore. My soreness isn't really pain but he said to take my Motrin for the soreness and it's helped me relax and sleep at night. 

On another note I also got my BRACA test results back. Since my mother has Breast cancer I now have Cancer on both sides of my family. That qualified me to have my insurance pay for the test. I will say I was nervous. I am however happy to announce I am Negative. I will have to be watched closer. Since my mom has Cancer I have a 1 in 5 chance of having it in my life time. With no family history its 8%. And if I had the gene it would have been 4 in 5. I feel beyond blessed to not have the gene. He said while my mom and sisters have a slight chance of still having the gene knowing that I don't should relax everyone, and it has. And I am able to tell my daughters they do not have the gene. 

And lastly we went to see our new baby Echo today. We can't wait to bring him home in 2 weeks. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Ah 1am we meet again. There have been so many mornings I have been up at this hour. If you can name it I bet there has been at least one time it was for that.

A. Young and dumb. 
B. Labor
C. Kids
D. Working
E. Traveling 
F. Sick
G. Pain

And the list goes on. So what is it tonight. Well I don't know. Our days are getting busier. Ball season started and I have found myself in the middle of my recovery needing to be so many places at once. My body needs me to be in bed and in fighting with it. I drove to the bank yesterday. I didn't really have another option. Today I drove Landon to ball practice because again I didn't really have another option. I still drive as little as possible but I'm not suppose to be driving at all until Thursday. I'm not in a ton of pain but after I drive i feel it. A tugging. I'm pushing it I know, but not too much . I had this surgery in part to help me be a better mother. Spending 2 weeks out of the month laid up with cramps is over. I just need to recover enough to be able to go outside this spring and plant flowers with my kids. Throw the ball and teach them how to catch the pop ups. My body needs a little more time, but it's getting there. 

After driving and showering tonight I was having some pain so I took 1/2 a pain pill and it keeps me awake. I know so many people that it makes sleepy but me. Nope hyped up. I could clean my whole house right now.... Except no I can't I am recovering from major surgery and I will take it easy. It's much easier to recover right the first time than to have to have another surgery to repair damage when you over do it. No thank you! 

On a side note. 

We are getting a new reason to be up late. A new puppy. I male boxer. We are supper excited. 2 weeks and he will be coming home. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

No excuse

It's been a while I know. I have no excuse for not updating my blogs, I was just not in a place where I could write. 

With the passing of Joshua's 2nd birthday I was hit with feelings that I didn't know how to describe or handle. I know death is a finale experience. But Everything had been so in the now and then it seemed Joshua's death was in my past. I didn't like it. I still don't. I don't know when it happened but I realized it when he turned 2. All of my baby loss is now in the past. It's not my future. It's not in the now. It's what was. And that scared me. So I did what I do and hid. Yup I hid. I stopped going to the cemetery. I stopped writing and I started telling people I have 5 kids again instead of saying "5 living".  

Over the past month I started to deal with those feelings and others and I am now at a place where I can write again. 

So what's up over here. 

I am still working at the church as the Children's Director.  We've been working really hard to put together a great team and develop a plan for the year. 

My children are happy and healthy as is Jason. 

Our insurance company got a good yelling at. When Joshua was born. The lady that was over that department said she added him in case the hospital billed anything under his name. They didn't. We've tried to take him off, but the kept asking for his death certificate. We don't have one. So about a year ago I gave up. In November I was sent a letter stating that they needed birth certificates and ssnumbers for all of us. If I didn't send them we'd be dropped and I would owe a fine when we filled taxes. I thought "well he will come off now". When I didn't send his in they extended the deadline.... Twice. So I called and I was passed from one person to the next and apologized to probably 50 times, before they finally said they had it taken care of. Ok finally! Well he was still there but I was not calling back. Jason then got called into HR this week. They demanded a Ss# for him. Jason politely told her that Joshua didn't have one and to check his file. She got rude. Lied and said it was against the law to not have a child a ss#. Said she would call CPS since we had never used the insurance for him and never bothered taking him to the dr. Jason was irate at that point and honestly I think he was in shock because that lady is still alive. Jason stood up got his file and pulled out the letter from my doctor stating that Joshua was born at under 20 weeks, and never inflated his lungs and therefore  under Alabama law was not issued a birth certificate, death certificate or a SS#. Jason said he has never seen someone apologize as much as she did. He had filed a complaint with the HR director for her behavior. I'm glad I wasn't there. We'd be looking for work. 

Last week I had a complete hysterectomy. I've been having a lot of issues and since I can't have any more kids and my blood count was finally good enough for surgery we went for it. I was so sick after surgery that I had to stay longer than expected in the hospital. However I've been doing very well in my recovery. I've had less pain than when I had my tubal. I do have to be careful because I don't want to hurt myself by over doing it. I have an online support group and the women who over do it have so many long term issues and some need another surgery to repair what they messed up. No thank you. I will just take it easy. 

Well that's it. Nothing to impressive. I promise to update more often. 
Till next time.