Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Ah 1am we meet again. There have been so many mornings I have been up at this hour. If you can name it I bet there has been at least one time it was for that.

A. Young and dumb. 
B. Labor
C. Kids
D. Working
E. Traveling 
F. Sick
G. Pain

And the list goes on. So what is it tonight. Well I don't know. Our days are getting busier. Ball season started and I have found myself in the middle of my recovery needing to be so many places at once. My body needs me to be in bed and in fighting with it. I drove to the bank yesterday. I didn't really have another option. Today I drove Landon to ball practice because again I didn't really have another option. I still drive as little as possible but I'm not suppose to be driving at all until Thursday. I'm not in a ton of pain but after I drive i feel it. A tugging. I'm pushing it I know, but not too much . I had this surgery in part to help me be a better mother. Spending 2 weeks out of the month laid up with cramps is over. I just need to recover enough to be able to go outside this spring and plant flowers with my kids. Throw the ball and teach them how to catch the pop ups. My body needs a little more time, but it's getting there. 

After driving and showering tonight I was having some pain so I took 1/2 a pain pill and it keeps me awake. I know so many people that it makes sleepy but me. Nope hyped up. I could clean my whole house right now.... Except no I can't I am recovering from major surgery and I will take it easy. It's much easier to recover right the first time than to have to have another surgery to repair damage when you over do it. No thank you! 

On a side note. 

We are getting a new reason to be up late. A new puppy. I male boxer. We are supper excited. 2 weeks and he will be coming home. 

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