Friday, November 21, 2014


Every year except this one I have taken part of the 30 days of thankfulness. Where every day in for the month of November you post what you are thankful for. 

This year I'm not going to lie. I have just been pretty depressed. It's not that I don't have lots to be thankful for. I do. I am also pretty happy. I've come to realize that you can be both depressed and happy. Depressed doesn't equal sad. And sad doesn't equal depressed. Not all the time anyway. 

I've become someone who likes herself. I like getting up and taking the kids to school and then I am content to spend the entire day in bed with a book. While that sounds great for a brake now and then it's actually lead to a lot of sleeping. And a lot of not so productive days. It doesn't help that my iron levels have plummeted leaving me feeling weak and tired day after day. 

So I've decided to make myself dress everyday. And leave the house. It's worked but left me with headaches and tiredness like I haven't felt in years. I'm thinking that part in the low levels of iron in my blood. Luckily I have an upcoming doctors appointment where I'm hoping to work all this out. 

Anyway I decided to do my 30 days of thankfulness in one day. So here I go. 

1. My husband 
2. My parents 
3. My sisters 
4. My Brother in laws
5. My 8 children
6. Jason job 
7. My church family
8. My children's teachers 
9. I friends that I have never met 
10. My support group
11. My pastor 
12. My OBGYN 
13. The Labor and Delivery staff at Mobile Infermary 
14. Freedom 
15. A home 
16. Heat 
17. Having enough food 
18. Medicines
19. Transportation 
20. Love 
21. Coffee 
22. Bible
23. Health 
24. Being able to be a stay at home mom 
25. Worshipping the Lord with children every week. 
26. Layaway 
27. My 4 neices and 1Nephew 
28. Education 
29. The staff of Forest Lawn Cematery 
30. Peace, forgiveness, grace, faith, hope. 

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