Thursday, November 20, 2014

To Meredith

Today is a day I invisioned being different than it is. Today should have been your birthday. Today is the day that you would have been born, had things been different. There are so many things I invisioned this day being when your mama told me about you. Today was going to be a day of Joy, happiness, laughter, excitement, healing, and pain. However God called you home so soon, that today all if that is replaced with simple longing for what should have been. 

I know you are ok baby girl. I know you sit with my children, in the arms of Jesus. I think of how perfect it is for you there and it makes me smile. You never felt an ounce of the pain on this world. But still I miss you. Your mom and dad shared the few hours they had with you with me.  I am so glad I got to hold you and kiss your sweet face. I know they miss you too, one day baby girl, one day our family will be whole. We will walk together in heaven, telling you stories and making all the memories we wanted to share with you. Until then I will speak your name and keep you tucked in my heart forever. 

I love you Meredith. 
  Aunt Crystal 

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