Saturday, April 13, 2013


I feel mostly just tired All the time. You would think I don't get enough sleep but I've been Getting more than I normally do. I still wake up tired. I dink coffee and get tired I nap and could sleep all day yet in tired. I just want to sleep.

These next few weeks are going to be so hard. I think about Joshua more everyday. I would be considered full term on Monday. So 7ish pounds by now. Everything passing day leads me closer to my due date. I catch myself laughing and think I should not be doing that. Having fun with my older children and thinking oh how I wish I could be snuggled with Joshua. I know how bad that sounds.

I wish I was tired because I had a huge belly and couldn't get comfortable. I wish I was tired because I had a newborn who eats every 2 hrs. Or a colic baby who cries. All night, who must be held all day. Any of that is better than this.

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