Saturday, April 27, 2013

For Amber and Baby Liam.

When I first started making Teeny Tear Bereavement my goal was to donate to Mobile Infirmary in memory of Joshua and then stop. I had no idea what a project this would turn into. After the infirmary I've made a few other donations and one to Spring hill medical center here in Mobile. All of course in Joshua's memory. A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with the thought of friends who have lost babies. Most to still births. My friend Amber was at the front of my mind.

Amber was pregnant with her son Liam when I was pregnant with Joshua. Liam was due today, April 27th, 2013. Sadly he was born still in November. Through her own grief Amber found a way to be there for me when I had Joshua a few weeks later in December. Joshua was due May 6th, 2013. She helped me and guided me more than anyone else. I hate she knows the pain I feel. And I know she's hurting today. So these diapers are going to West Virginia on Monday in memory of Liam Perra. Because a person is a person no matter how small.


  1. Beautiful. Your an amazing person. I love you!

  2. <3 you Crystal. Means so much to me to have you donate in honor of Liam. I know he is watching from heaven and is happy.

  3. I love the thought in this. ((hugs)) to both of you this next week.