Sunday, April 7, 2013


Why do people not think before they speak. Everyone should learn to choose the words they speak carefully. And please say them correctly. Know the difference In what your trying to say vs what comes out of your mouth.

For example.

How are you today? Is a great question as long as your ready for an honest answer. However, What's wrong with you? Is not a good question at all. I can see how they may get confused but if you just stop to think first you will see that it's very simple.

Example 2

Are you thinking of more children? Is an alright question. However, How many more kids do you think you need? Is completely uncalled for and rude.

Example 3

What can I do to help? Great question as long as you really want to help. However, You look a mess and so does your house you need me to help you? Is not appropriate to say to anyone ever under any circumstances.

So please stop a minute and think before you speak to anyone. They may be having a good day and just not look like it and your unthoughtful words may just ruin it.

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