Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The new year brings

A new life came into the world this morning while I was fast alseep.

A baby Girl

My friend gave birth to a rainbow. A baby born after the loss of a child is a rainbow baby. Amber lost her baby boy a few weeks before I lost Joshua. She helped me a lot. We were then pregnant together again and while I lost my girls. Her baby girl was born healthy this morning. I am not the least bit upset of jealous of her. This is the first time I have went on my Facebook saw that a friend had a baby and not thought "that should be me". Instead I was just extremely happy for their family. I was so excited that this baby girl made it into the world healthy and that my friend was holding her baby in her arms. 

I wish we lived closer I would go see them and cradle that baby in my arms too. I'm not sure how I will feel about the next baby to be born, but I must be healing in some way to be so happy for someone else. To want to be close to a baby. Maybe it's the connection I feel with Amber or the fact that I know Joshua and Liam are in Heaven playing with Faith and Hope. I know they were making sure this baby girl made it safely here today. 

So Congratulations Amber. And Happy Birthday Baby "E". 

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  1. Huge hugs! I was thrilled to see Amber's baby girl had a safe arrival. It is definitely a sign of healing and I'm so happy you had this reaction. The first thought after being happy for them that I has was for you so this post really lightens my heart. Continued prayers over your whole family and lots of <3