Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something's are not about you.

So since some people are confused I thought I would clear some things up.

Something's are not about you. Yes you. I haven't written anything in a while that was directed at any one group if people or person. This blog is not about you.

This blog is for me and how I feel and how I am coping and how I am moving on. I may also include things about my other kids and family but this is really about me. A mother who had to give up her child to God. Who had to say goodbye before she really had a chance to say hello.

I understand that something's are not about me.... Like other people's blogs. They aren't about me. I understand the world is still going on even if I only half show up in it sometimes. I understand other people have gone through what I'm going through and have similar feelings to my own. I'm not writing this blog to hurt people's feelings either I know other people have hurt and felt this pain.

Please realize though that this experience is mine and its about me. Even if you understand where I'm coming from its still about my life. I'm not writing this blog to write in code about people. If I am writing a post about you believe me you will know it.

To end I'd like to say if your confused about why i even had to write this then you did nothing wrong.

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