Monday, November 4, 2013

I believe

When you think about heaven, what is it that you think of?

The bible says we will worship God forever and ever. It also talks about the new heaven and the new earth. And the streets paved with gold. 

What do you think heaven looks like? Do you think we will know all of our loved ones that have pasted before us? What about our loved ones who were not believers? The bible says there will be no tears, no more fears, no more pain. 

I have a hard time picturing what heaven looks like. I do believe that we will be with those who have passed before us. I do believe I will be in heaven one day. I believe that even though all of the people we love may not be there that we will not be sad, we will have peace about it. As hard as it may seem now, I beiieve that as truth. 

I believe there will be Angels there. Showing us what heaven is about. I believe that there will be angels and loved ones there at the gate waiting for me when I walk through it. 

I don't believe we ever become angels. Despite calling my babies angels I do realize they were so much more. Jesus died for them, just as he did for you and for me. He didn't do that for angels. But, they are there. Their little soles are there waiting for me. Wrapped in love by my grandparents and Jason's grandparents. Playing with some special friends children along with some family children. An aunt who I never met that died as a child and and uncle who Jason never met that died as a child. My 3 I imagine playing together in heaven playground, peacefully never knowing the pain this world has. 

I hope they felt love for the short time I had them with me in earth. I know they know it now. 

I have a hard time picturing what they look like. I always picture Joshua to be about 5 years old. In my dreams of him he is never a baby, always 5-6 years old. The girls are younger. I picture them to be about 2-3 years old always. I don't know if that is the age they will be in heaven or if they will appear younger or older. I do believe we are all at our perfect age, and I believe I will know exactly whom children are when I get there. 

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