Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankfulness is Personal

I have loved seeing everyone share what they are thankful for this week. I have been sharing mine on my Facebook page as well as on here. Things get lost on Facebook. Hidden among thousands of post sometimes deleted, so I'm sure to post them here too.

I did get an interesting message today. Although I won't call her out, I am going to address the publicly. 

It seems some (or one) think I am working too hard on my thankfulness. That I am trying too hard and one upping everyone else. 

Well I'm not. I wake up and think... What is on my mind today? And that's my thankfulness if the day. It's not work for me. Yes I add a nice picture, but that's something I enjoy doing. Not something I am doing to one up anyone else. My thankfulness post are for me to show the ones I love how thankful I am for them. It really is that simple. And who knows maybe one day this month I maybe thankful for my coffee too.😉

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