Monday, November 11, 2013

Realize what you have.

This post isn't going to make me any friends. I may actually lose a few. And you know what that's ok. This has been in my mind for the past couple months and I have not had the courage to write about it. The during Sunday school, it was a related topic and I just can't get it off My mind. I am driven by the desire to write from my heart. And that's where this comes from.

Stop complaining about your perfectly imperfect children. Grow up and realize how amazing your children are. Stop complaining about having to stop your life to take care of theirs. You made the choice to become their parent. So be one. 

I know that may sound harsh and judge mental. Harsh yes. It's meant to be harsh, you need to realize what a true miracle your children are, how much has to go just right for them to have been born alive and make it past the newborn stage. It's really amazing. Yet you sit there on your computer while they entertain themselves. You gripe about stopping what your doing to play or to fix dinner or to give a bath, read a story, snuggle with them. 

I'm not judging you. I am guilty of this as well. I remember having my first child and begging for a few hours of adult time. I remember being gone with Jason for a week at a time when my 2nd was under a year old. I remember putting my 3rd in a swing and napping on the couch. I remember being so glad when I stopped having to set the alarm to feed my 4th. I remember feeling lucky when my 5th was a great sleeping from the start. I remember complaining about being sleep deprived. About not getting a shower, not having help, not having clothes that fit right, not eating hot food, about smelling like formula. When they got older I was driving everyone everywhere. Getting up early coming in late. That was me. I have complained about it all at one point or another and you know what. It was wrong. I was wrong! 

I should have realized how blessed I was to have a child at all. To have my babies at home crying all night was a blessing and I didn't see it. Sleepless nights, spoiled milk, tired eyes, sore back I could go on and on. It was worth it. Every day was worth it. And I wish someone would have told me ..... 

Shut up and be happy! 

I was always thankful for them, but I can't say I was always happy with the way things were going, and I should have been. 

I would give anything to have Joshua, Faith and Hope here with me now. As hard as it would be with three babies I would trade the grief for being sleep deprived, for no alone time, for no time to pee, for smelling like formula, for rocking my baby at 3am and 4am and 5am. 

I wish I had that. I wish I had the kind of things in my life that you complain about everyday. 

A lost shoe
A crying baby
A tummy ach 
A late start
A forgotten diaper bag 

Take a step back, realize what you have. 
Give a hug instead of yelling. 
Tell your children how much you live them instead of what they did wrong. 
Slow down enjoy the time you have with them. Calm down the shoe will be found... Or not it's ok. The baby will stop crying.... It just takes time   Tummy aches don't last forever... But cuddle them when they hurt. Running late... So what slow down no one is going to be hurt from missing 10 mins of 1st period. Forgot your bag or purse.... It's ok go back and get it... Again it will be ok if your late because of it. 

Be greatful, be-aware of what you have in your hands. Handel your children with the care and respect they need. Show them love. Stop complaining about the life you created and enjoy it. 


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