Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Time Myth

Myth #1 Time heal all wounds 

Truth : No no it doesn't. Time dosent heal the hurt of your baby dying. Time keeps going and nothing stops it. Time for grief is like a bandaid. It covers for a while. Makes you think your ok that the hurt in down deep and not at the top any more. Then the band aid gets ripped off because you realize how much time has past. It's another birthday, Christmas, month, year with out them and the time between when you last held them and now is getting longer. Time dosent heal it hurts. 

Myth #2. In time you will forget. 

Truth :  I don't want to forget. These are my babies I will never ever forget them. They were here, they were alive, they mattered. 

Myth #3 Give your self time and you will get over it. 

Truth : This is not something you get over ever. Time will not help it. You get over losing your house, you get over not getting that watch you wanted, you get over not being approved for that new car. You however do not get over the death of your child. 

Myth #4. Time is your friend. 

Truth : No no it's not. I live in 2 different times now. The before and the after. And sometimes even a 3rd. After it happened again. The time between my babies dying is too short. The time I spent with them was too short. The time they were on earth was too short. The time I have to spend without them it too long. The time I have to wait to touch then again to see their faces is too long. 

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