Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day -6


Day 6 

I was never a flower type of girl. I always said "they just sit there and die". I never bought flowers. I didn't like fake flowers, silk ones they just never had any meaning to me. I would look at them in the store and think "who buys that?". Then Joshua died. Someone asked me what type of flowers I wanted on his casket. I had to pick flowers for my sons casket. I chose roses. My daughter and I buried them in the back yard and bought more. We have kept real flowers on our table since then. We buy new flowers for our table every 2 weeks. Faith and Hope had roses as well. 
I am also now that person who buys the fake looking silk flowers for my children's grave. 

Faith and Hope. 08/11/13

Joshua Henson 12/13/12

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