Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is.........

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October 15th, is a Wave of Light Day

I know most people think of Breast Cancer Awareness when they think of finishing "october is" statement. And I am in no way knocking Breast Cancer Awareness.... However I know no one who hasn't heard of Breast Cancer. Most people know someone who has had Breast Cancer. There is no stigma attached to having, having had Breast Cancer. 

Baby Loss however is Taboo. No one wants to talk about babies dying. 1 in 4 women who finds out they are pregnant today will no take home their baby from the hospital. They may lose their baby through Early Miscarriage in the 1st 12 weeks, Late pregnancy loss, stillbirth, medical problems not compatible with life, cord accidents.... the list just grows from there. If you were brave enough to ask a group of your close friends and they were brave enough to answer you honestly, you would find most people know someone who has lost a baby at some point in their lives. The difference is no one talks about it. Babies are not suppose to die, so we pretend they don't. 

Before Joshua was born I had only read about StillBirths and Infant loss. I had early miscarriages, and they were even by me swept under the rug and I went on with my life. I only brought them up when I was asked by medical personnel. And even then I had to think about when the losses were. I believe that was my way of coping with so many losses. I don't believe I really got over those losses. How did I deal? By having another baby very quickly. It made it very easy to forget the loss at 5 or 6 weeks. After  Faith and Hope were born I realized that I am the mother of many children and even though I dont know if they are boys or girls I will one day, and I will get to hold them and see them one day, just not today.

Photo Challenge

I am taking part in a baby loss photo challenge this month for mothers (or I guess anyone affected by baby loss) who have lost a baby. I missed today, today was sunrise. I am going to get a picture of the sunrise tomorrow morning. I was up this morning like always before the sun, I really just forgot to take the picture. 

Day 2 is a self picture before baby loss.
Day 3 is a Self picture after baby loss.

Im excited to keep up with the Photo Challenge, There is a group on Facebook that I will be posting the pictures to, but I will also be posting them here on the blog so look for that this month. 

I was reading the wrong list of the challenge. I was reading 2012s list. This is 2013s list. 

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