Monday, October 7, 2013

Tubal and Recovery.

Warning*** medical stuff 

I'm writing this first part about 12 hours after my surgery started. But I won't be posting until my follow up appointment in 2 weeks. So this is from Tubal through recovery. 

I finally get to out paient surgery at the hospital. After valet parking the car because we looked for a Parking spot for 30 minutes. They were so busy. Any way. I got checked in and called back at about 11:15. They asked what I was there for. Weighed me with my shoes on lol. Then took my BP, temp, pulse ox, asked me 101 questions everything was fine. I was then taken to pre-op waiting. Changed into a gown and was given 4 cloth scrub sponges to "wipe from knees to breast" I was thinking "Really after I showered twice for you too, I'm not that dirty!" But I did as I was told. I was given an IV and fluids were started. 

11:30 am 
Jason came back with me and Dr.C came in to see if I had any questions. I just made sure the plan was still to put in clips, through 2 little insisions, and I should go home in a few hours. He said yes and then said he would write me pain pills since he hadn't at my pre-op appointment. He also said I had one person ahead of me. He was assisting on a paient of Dr.I and then dr.I would assist him on mine. Sounded good. So we waited. 

Jason decided to go ahead and go out to the waiting room and to eat. His stomach was trawling from not eating because I couldn't eat. Poor guy, I told him to go ahead. 

It's my turn to go in. There had been nurses in and out asking questions and such. One remembered me from August. This time they come in with two shots for my IV they one last time aske what I am having done. I say a tubal. Then "how many kids to you have". I say 8. I get "wow" then the meds start to work and I can't remember what the nurse said but I didn't respond. I remember the OR was cold and I was shaking because if that. I remember after I was moved over to the OR table Dr.C comes in and say "don't worry your ok" then I am asleep. 

My first memory from after surgery. Someone saying "deep breaths". I take them and tell them I'm in pain. I was given a shot in the IV. I get the feeling I'm going to throw up. I ask what they gave me and they said Morphine. So then they give me Phenagan so I don't throw up. I pass out again. 

I'm in pain again. And still feel sick. I get more Morphine and Zofran 
I'm finally moved from recovery to post-op where Jason is. I am in pain. They aske did I want to drink something I say no. 
I call the nurse. I'm in pain. They decide to gave me crackers and water. I rate my pain at a 9 but they said I can't have anymore IV pain meds I've maxed out. It didn't matter they didn't help anyway. I had apparently gotten some fentnol as soon as I was awake as well. 

I ask to go home. They say I must walk to the bathroom and pee before they can take the IV out. I'm hurting and they give me a pain pill. I wall with help from the nurse to the bathroom and pee. We get back to my room and I ask if I can get dressed. She asked me to rate my pain....7. So she takes my IV out I get dressed with Jason's help then the nurse comes back in to tell me I have an appointment in 2 weeks and gives me a list of instructions. Glad those are written down. All I remember is "no baths only showers" and the words "fall risk". 
We are headed home. 

630pm. Pain. Lots of pain. I take a loratab. I had not had any of that. It decreases my pain but doesn't take it way. I fall asleep. 

8pm awake and in pain. I take 800mg Motrin. And finally stop having so much stabbing pain. I watch the kids play and some tv. 

11pm finally time for my Rx pain pill

12pm I'm tried and sleep. 

I wake to pee and walk there by myself so I don't wake anyone. I do not fall. And I realized my sharp stab pains are now less on the inside and more on the outside. I take 400mg Motrin. And decide to write this. 

I had been told by some about the "slight discomfort" I would feel, well them people LIED this crap HURTS! 

I'm up hurting again. I take a loratab and go pee again, I'm not as dizzy as I had been and the fog of being put to sleep is lifting, however the meds make me foggy too. 

My kids are up getting ready for school. I take some Naproxen because my stomach is slightly swollen. All the kids leave by 720 and I fall back asleep. 

My youngest Haleigh wakes up and my sister is here. She feeds her breakfast and watches over her. I am hurting but can't really take anything else for pain, so I just try to not move around much. My throat hurts really bad and when I try to cough my stomach hurts worse. 

Finally I can have some stronger meds. I take an Rx pill. my mom is here to watch over Haleigh. The meds allow me to relax and rest but not really sleep. Just takes the edge off the pain. 
Pain really sucks. I take 800mg of ibuprofen and relax a little bit. My legs hurt from not walking around but walking hurts. My chest hurts, my stomach hurts, my neck and sholder on my right side hurts. I finally fall asleep around 330.
I wake up in pain again. I walk around hoping to stop my leg pain. It does help a little. But it makes my side worse. I want a bath, but I can only have a shower. 

Dinner, the first meal I actually eat. I am starving but can only eat a small ammount. I also take more naproxen. All these meds just dull the pain some and I do feel slightly better than last night. I no longer feel like I'm being stabbed in the stomach just punched repeatedly after being stabbed. Sucks right. 

Just to recap I have pain
In my throat
Right side down to my hip
All across my pelvic bone up to my belly button. 
And of course lets not forget the vaginal pain and bleeding. 

 Takin pain meds heading to bed. 

4 & 1/2 hours of sleep felt awesome. I woke to pee. I seem to need to pee every 4 hours. I hope that's because I am drinking an insane amount of water. 
My pain feels different. It's went from a stabing feeling to a punching feeling to now a bruised up feeling. Still painful. Still hitting a 6, but it's not to same type of pain. And it's more where my cuts are. That must mean I am healing and the gas they pumped into my abdominal cavity is being absorbed into my body finally. 

 I feel so sore. The more I walk around to more sore I feel. At least I can walk with out feeling like I am being stabbed or that I am going to fall down. 

 I take my pain meds and go to lie down. I'm not sure if I have mentioned but I can't actually lay down. I am half proped up on the couch. I tried lying in the bed and it hurts worse so I have been on the couch. 

Pain meds have worn off enough that I feel steady on my feet. I am letting them wear off so I can take a shower. I need to feel steady to so that. I head to the shower at 1030. I'm only in there for about 10 minutes and I am tired and sore. I can't bend to reach my feet and while washing my hair putting both hands on my head pulls on my skin and hurts. What is that pulling? Oh look a bandaid on my belly button that is pulling off. I pull it the rest of the way off. There is a stei strip over the stitches that are in my belly button. There is another one my pelvic bone but it's stuck on really well so I left it alone. I was so tired when I got out of the shower I I laid back down and slept for over an hour. 

Took some ibuprofen and ate lunch. Well what little I can with out feeling sick. Even that makes me feel tired though. Back to watching movies on the couch. 

Ive been sitting at the island talking. Doing good. When all of a sudden I start having pain. Lots of it. I must have sat wrong or moved wrong. The pain is in my belly button. 
Jason's home ask if my pain has been sharp all day. No it hasn't. He says the dr told him it should be a sore pain by Friday. So at lest I'm healing. 

The Percacet takes affect really fast and last right at 2 hrs. Then the pain is back. That sucks. So I take the naproxen and lay down by 11pm I'm asleep. 

I slept all night! So excited. Pain is what I woke to. Trying some ibuprofen first. The pain Is not sharp is sore bruised ache feeling. Hoping I can leave the big pain meds alone today. 
I feel drained. No energy at all. 

Most of my pain is still on my right side. I've had almost no pain on my left accept for the 1st day/night of all over pain. At least it's not as bad as it was. And now it's about from my ribs to my pelvic bone, not all the way to my sholder. 
Had to take my 1st Rx pain med of the day. I think the trip to the dollar store was too much. I didn't drive but I couldn't avoid going either. After I got home I was cramping pretty bad. Took 450mg naproxen and waited. 2hours later took the Rx. Well at least I didn't need them all day long. Now let's see if I can shower tonight with out pain. 
Shower with minimal pain. Bandaid at pelvic bone is coming off so I pull it the rest of the way. There are a few strips covering stitches. I replace the large bandaid with a smaller one and place one over the strips in my belly button too. Seems to buffer the pain some. 
Cramping again. Take some Rx meds. Need to sleep 

Wide awake! Sore around insisions. Little bits of cramps. 

730 am 
Kids off to school and I feel pretty good. I decide washing clothes is a good idea. 

Washing clothes was a bad idea. Pain in the stomach cramping bad idea. 

A great friend sent us lunch. And I feel good enough to do some of my bible study. 

So tired sleep until kids get home from school. 

Decide tonight's football game where my oldest son is playing in the band is a good thing to go to. 

Bad idea I hurt and I'm stuck here. 

Finally home. Pain pills taken go to bed. 


Slept in and I'm feeling ok. Took some ibuprofen and mixed my coffee with mrilax again...

Riding to the bank. Can't be helped I have to go. Riding in the car hurts. 

Needed a pain pill after the car ride. But just took Naproxen. Jason's not home. Trying to wait until he gets here to watch the kids. Took some ex-lax :(

Pain in my Belly button is crazy and feels like its on fire. It's not I checked. It's not swollen or red or draining just burning. So I take a pain pill put on a movie for the kids and lay down. 

I have to take the kids to buy jeans and homecoming week stuff. I want to sleep. I know they need this and need me to go so I suck it up and go. My belly is sore.

Home finally my belly button feels like it's going to explode. It doesn't. I take more ibuprofen  

I need more pain meds. Sigh.... Almost a week from sugery.
Can't eat good
Can't sleep good
Can't sleep normal, I must be proped 
Still need Rx pain meds
Can't poop right
Can't bend over all the way 
Can't sit for long periods
Can't walk or stand for long periods

When I woke up from surgery I told Jason I would never do this S**t again. Well yeah, I shouldn't need to. BUT I would never do this again. This really sucks! 


Finally I can poop!! I'm sorry if that grosses you out. I really am but seriously I have never been more excited. I shower and we head out for church at 930. I decide I only need to take naproxen and stuff some ibuprofen in my purse. 

Big mistake not bringing my Rx pills. I forgot about the stairs. Oh boy. 

Eating at church I take my ibuprofen. 

Went to the cemetery. Sat with my babies a while. 

Home. Pass out in the bed. 

Kids and Jason going to play cabbage ball at church. I'm however missing out because I am so sore. 

5pm. Soreness turns to cramps... Is my period coming? I don't think it's time but who knows really. 

6pm Cramps and stinging pain. Blah. Rx pain pill it is. 

730 I'm feeling better. Eat dinner. 

Ready to pass out again. I will be glad when I have my energy back. 


Feeling better today. No really big pain until about 6pm. I'm really sore though and need ibuprofen or naproxen all day. I guess it could be worse. My Belly button is the worst of my sore parts. And my stei  strips are starting to peal off. 

At least I can get in and out of bed better and take care of my kids by myself. 

Wendsday I have to drive two kids to the dr for check ups. That will be a real test. 

I felt ok most of the day still sore. Still tired. I cooked a full dinner for the first time since surgery. I went to the kick ball game the church had. Stayed for about an hr then I drove to Walmart and got gas and then picked up my older son Collin from the high school. All with 3 other kids in tow (no I didn't life anything heavy). But by the time I got home I was wiped out. Ate dinner took an Rx pill loaded the dishwasher and went to bed. 

Had a good day. Minimal pain until the dog jumped on me. Then needed a Rx pill, that was 9pm. Drove all around today and that was exhausting. I need more sleep or something! 

Made 2 huge mistakes today. I tried to wear my jeans! Oh no no. First I'm still bloated although it's no where near as bad as it was. Second the pressure it put on my pelvic insision was unreal. We were gone from the house for an hour as soon as I got home I changed and went back into sweat pants. I've lived in them for almost 2 weeks. 

Mistake number 2 trying to blow up a balloon. What in the world was I thinking. I blew and immediately knew I had done something bad. Ugh. I didn't even think that you use the stomach for that. 

I believe if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have had to take Rx pain pills today. As it was I just needed the one. 


Today I had cramps. Bad cramps. Why? I don't know but I got by with ibuprofen. I am so bloated that I look a few months pregnant. This has to end at some point right? 


Omg I hate this! My belly button feels like its on fire again. I refuse to take more Rx meds 2 weeks (almost) is enough. I have taken naproxen today and that has dulled the sting but damn it's been almost 2 weeks shouldn't I feel normal by now? Shouldn't I be able to wear my normal clothes? I hate not feeling myself. I am tired. I am hurting and oh cramps and bleeding today too! I would not go back and do this crap to myself again. This is crazy. My Steri Strips are also firmly still attached. I really hope he doesn't want to pull them off on Monday cause that's gonna suck!

Excited about the dr tomorrow. Belly button still stings. 

My belly button incision is still open. The stiri strips were pilling off and when is it they fold in my belly button causing the stinging fire pain I am feeling. He took them off replaced them, then put a bandaid over that said I can take the bandaid off tomorrow. The incision should close with in the next 2 weeks if It doesn't call him. But not to worry it will. My pelvic incision looks great and is closed. My blood levels are low 10.2. So that explains why I am so tired all the time. I restarted my supplements. Cramps and bleeding are probably a period. But it's hard to tell because I got that Depo shot and it messes with your periods bad. I asked for and for and got my flu shot. My pap is due but we are waiting until December. He wanted to see me back in 2 months anyway. We talked a little bit, I can start walking. Can run when my incision is closed, still no baths and no heavy lifting. Until my incision heals completely. We also went over the signs of a tubal pregnancy. That is a great fear of mine in having them clamped. 

That's about it. 2 full weeks and I'm still healing. 

Do I regret it? No, I don't. I'm still sad about it I always will be. But I stand by my choice. 

Would I do it again if I could have see this recovery? No, it's been hell.  

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