Thursday, October 31, 2013


I'm upset about something I can not change. No I'm mad. No wait I'm hurt. Yes that's it. It's pain I feel. I'm hurt. I'm not really sad. I feel like someone has said my babies didn't matter. And it hurts.

I have been posting on Facebook all month and here with the capture your grief project. Tomorrow is the last day. 

Last night a parent posted a picture of her baby. There were some rude comments made and a word fight broke out. That lead to more pictures and more blacklash. I stayed out of it. Just commenting that the babies were beautiful. Because they were. And then I get on tonight to read the stories that I have been looking foward to and it's gone. The whole event was deleted. Now let me explain. Facebook took the even down. Not because it was reported as violent pictures but because there was 1000s of people threating one another on the event page. How sad it that. Threating people! Violet pictures?

 Really these people. The people have no idea what we as baby loss parents have been through. They have not carried a baby for months and prayed everyday that the baby just lives, only to give birth
In a silent room, no cries, no cheers of joy, no it's a boy or they are girls. No congratulations. No balloons or flowers. No visitors. No smiles. 
They have no clue what it's like to watch their babies hearts stop beating. They have no clue how it feels to kiss you baby good bye hours after saying hello. They will never understand. And you know what. I hope they never do. Because to understand this you have to go through it. 
To call our babies pictures violence!?! Really?!? Come on people. Wake up. These are someone's babies. They are loved, were wanted. Pregnancy loss happens. Baby loss happens. It's tragic yes. But I will not hide. It was suggested by some who will never understand that we should grieve in silence. 

I refuse. 

I refuse to be silenced. I will not shut up. I will speak out. I will share my children the way I want when I want. They are perfect. I am proud to be the mother of 8 children. I am proud of the way my angles look in their pictures. 

I will grieve out loud. 
I will not hide. 
I will stand on a mountain top and scream out their names. 
My children were alive. 
My children were born. 
My children mattered. 

I will not be silent! 



  1. I was reading some comments on that site last night, I too am appalled by the idots causing alll the fuss, I cant believe the whole event is gone, thats soo sad, I didnt participate this yr, I wasnt ready but I wanted too nx yr. Its people like that that are the reason I hav never shared pics of my Lily. X

  2. It is all so upsetting... I don't understand why people want to add to our grief and how they can be so insensitive. CYG was supposed to be a healing event and now it's just caused so much unnecessary heartache. I feel so bad for all the parents who received hurtful comments on their angels' pictures. You're absolutely right... they have no idea what we've been through. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your children <3