Saturday, September 21, 2013

6 weeks

It's so hard to believe that the girls have been gone almost 6 weeks. I miss them. I didn't get to feel them move much. It was early still. Time is going by so fast. I feel like I have been standing still and the world has been moving in around me. I didn't realize it was the end of September. My kids have already brought home progress reports. I'm missing their school year I missed it last year being pregnant and then losing Joshua. And this year losing the girls. It's all a fog. I hope they never ask what they did in 1st,4th,7th and 9th grade because I won't really know what to tell them. I love them so much but I can't keep up with what they are doing and learning when I can hardly keep up with just life.

Just a short year ago we were clueless on all things baby loss. Completely happy and expecting our 6th baby. No idea what the next year would hold for us. This year has completely sucked. Is it 2014 yet? 

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