Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm really excited about church next Sunday morning. I was in a class in January called Growth Track. It's a new member/ believer class at the church we are going to. I went to the first 2 classes and they were really good. I learned a lot about church and service. The class is 4 weeks long and I was hurting with a displaced shoulder on week 3 in January. That's the week you take a personality test to see where your spiritual gifts are. Week 4 is all about finding where you can serve in the church and use your God given gifts. I missed week 4 because I had the flu. So next week is week 3 and then week 4. I can't wait to see what my test say.

Brother David says that in most churches 25% of people are doing 100% of the work and that's why a lot of churches fail at leading people to Christ. From what I have experienced this is true. He also says when people offer to help they are put where the help is needed most, but that may not be where God wants them and may not be where their gift is. So you have people watching/teaching children who should be greeting or cooking instead. The point in the class is to really understand the church and serving before you join.

There are enough warm bodies in the church we need people who follow the example Christ gave us and service him through the church. I can't wait to see where I should be serving. I've only ever served with the children's department and nursery. I really don't think that's for me. That's not where my gifts are. You may be thinking. "You have 5 kids? You love kids" you would be only half right. I have 5 kids yes. I love my children yes. And there are a select few other children that I love. All other little kids get on my nerves and as bad as it sounds, I just don't like them I liked teaching missions to the preschool group, but no matter how many times I really tried. I really disliked the nursery. I would never harm a child, but boy I love the moment it was pick up time. Even when I worked at the day care it was just a pay check, but I hated that job.

I don't really have a job or area I hope I get into. I think the service projects would be fun. And I'm hoping to help out there no matter what. I am also wanting a small group to be apart of.

I have heard many times that God has given everyone a gift and we are suppose to use that gift for him. But I've never been told how to find out what that gift is. It's always been " just serve" and really that didn't work our at all for me.

So here's to Growth Track class 301 and learning what my God given gifts are!

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