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Days you don't forget part 2: The day of

Disclaimer - Most everyone who reads my blogs knows I have older living children. Some may not know that I have 5 older living children. This blog post will have stories about them and their births and  first birthdays. As a baby loss mom I know how hard it is to read about children who are the age your child should be. So I wanted to put that out there incase anyone wants to not read this post. That is by the way 100 % ok with me. 

I will never forget the births of my 8 children. 

Madalyn was born on a rainy summer afternoon. Big full term. Healthy. 8pounds 13ounces. 22inches long. I labored for 4 hours before getting the epidural. At hour number 3 I had my first experience ever with Nubane. 4 hours after my epidural she was born. They have her to me straight away. I held her I loved her. And in that moment. The young teen who walked into that hospital became a mother. She's 15 now. 

Collin was born on a cold fall day. after I went to the dr. Talked to her about thinking my iron was low. I was half way to done at the drs office. Next door at the hospital I was given my IV, my dr broke my water after less than an hr and another centimeter. I decided after that to get my epidural. 3 hours later Collin was born. They handed him right to me. I thought he was the smallest baby I had ever seen. He cried and I cried. He was healthy and a beautiful baby. 6pounds 11ounces 20inches long. I remember being in awe of how much he slept. I was now the mother of two children. A Girl and A Boy. He's 12 now. 

Aden was born in the middle of summer for Alabama. It was hot. After not seeing a dr the night before. My OB saw me the next morning. I was in labor and half done. I was scared. I was 33 weeks. I didn't know about preemies yet. I didn't know if 33 weeks was enough. They were enough. My epidural worked after he was born but not before.  I was warned he may not cry at birth but he did. It was loud too. I remember I was sad that they handed him straight to the nicu doctor and not me. But they did let me kiss him quickly before taking him to the nicu. He spent 18 days in the nicu. Born at 4 pounds 14 ounces he came home weighing that exact amount. Loss weight then gained it back right on track. He was so tiny. Nothing fit. I was 21 years old. Mother of 3 children. A Girl and 2 boys. He is 10 now. 

Landon's birth was a shock. It was mid summer. Hot and human. That morning before my dr appointment I had 2 contractions that I had to breath through. At the dr I was put on a monitor. I was contracting every 4 minutes. I was 31 weeks. Went it the hospital expecting to be on bed rest and meds to stop labor. Instead with in 3 hours I had a prolapse cord and emergency c section and a baby that was taken to children's hospital 20 minutes down the road. He had the faintest cry, but he did cry. He weighed 4 pounds 3 ounces. Lost down to 3pounds 2ounces. Came home 58 days later at 7 pounds 3 ounces. The perfect newborn size. No preemie clothes needed. I was 24 when he came home. Mother of 4 children. 1 Girl 3 boys. He is 7 now. 

Haleigh was born on the change if season from fall to winter. It was cold. That morning my nurse was rude. Saying the monitor was not picking up contractions. I could get dressed they were sending me home. I was in a lot of pain. I told her matter of factly that I was not leaving with out seeing my doctor. She left in a huff. My dr came in with my new nurse. I told him I was having contractions I didn't care what that thing said. He checked I was 5 cm. And that ment I would be staying at the hospital. An hour later I was 6. I got my epidural. My water was broken. And Haleigh was born. 5 pounds 2 ounces healthy. 34 weeks, no nicu. 26 years old I left the hospital with my baby. a mother of 5. 2 Girls and 3 boys. She is 5 now. 

The day Joshua was born was Cold. December. Almost Christmas. Everything was lit up all around was decorated. Then there was me, with no hope left. No chance of my baby having a chance of life. Labor stalled, bleeding was heavier, I decided to get an epidural early even though I was not in a lot of pain yet. I didn't want any pain at all. My pastor came to see me. A pastor from a friends church came and prayed with me. I delivered my baby boy that afternoon. The room was so quite. My dr wrapped Joshua in a blue towel and handed him to the nurse who stated to walk out. I said no, and my OB asked if I wanted to hold him. I said yes. The nurse said they normally bathe the babies first, but I wanted him right then and they laid him on my chest. He was so still. Beautiful. His heart was beating. I rubbed his feet and head. I few minutes later the heart beat was gone and Jesus had my baby. The nurse tried to take him and I refused. My OB assured me that they would bring him back but that he needed me to let him go with them. Apparently they had an OR standing by for me. I didn't need it. 10 ounces of pure Angel. 10 inches of pure love. I left that hospital at 30 years old. A mother of 6 children. 2 girls 4 boys. 5 on earth. 1 in heaven. He will be 1 tomorrow. 

Faith Aubree and Hope Amelia were born in the summer. It was actually nice out though. But warm. I went back to the hospital that day because I felt off and some pressure. I went in through the ER. They called L&D and when they realized who I was since I had been their days before they sent me up. The nurses thought I was constapated. I was relived that that was what it was. After that was taken care of though I was in pain. I watched the clock and realized my pain was every 5 minutes. I was alone. I called the nurse told her I knew I was in labor and I was in pain. She went to call the dr. While she was gone baby As Faiths water broke. I knew it was over then and I called my mom and Jason to the hospital.  The on call said he wasn't coming. I was less than 20 weeks. So it was a miscarriage. But he decided to call my OB. My OB was amazing and came to the hospital. Did an ultrasound. Babies were alive but there was no cervix left. A few minutes later Faith was born. 3 whole ounces her sister followed shortly after another 3 ounces. Between their births I was given a shot of pain meds. They didn't work very well. I got another one after Hope was born. They handed me the babies together wraped in a blue cloth. My nurse asked their names. Jason came in. My mom came in. My sister came in. I was told I would need surgery. The girls were so perfect just small. Compleatly fully formed babies. They just needed time to grow. Time my body could give them. I spent 2 more days there. Left still 30 years old. Mom to 8 children. 4 girls. 4 boys. And it will stay that perfectly even number if 8. 4 and 4. They are 4 months old now. 

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