Friday, December 20, 2013

To Faith and Hope on your would be birthday.

Faith And Hope,

  Oh how I wish today was the big day. The day I would meet my baby girls. The day I had been waiting for. Today is not your due date no today I would have been 36 weeks pregnant and today was the day my scheduled C-Section was to be. We had planned your births for December 20th, 2013. 1230pm. It's hard to know that your births would have happened today if my body could have held you until now. I miss the two of you like crazy. Dad and I have went back and fowarth on your names. I wanted to give you first names since Faith and Hope were suppose to be your middle names. Daddy wanted to keep them as your first names. So I agreed. Faith Aubree and Hope Amelia. I wish I had a stocking to fill for you this Christmas. I wish I could feel you lie across my chest. I wish I could hear you cry and see you open your eyes. I hope you know that I loved you so much and that I would have done anything to save your lives. I tried baby girls I tried. I hope you felt how wanted you were. I hope you felt loved. Happy Would be birthday sweet baby girls. 

I love you so very much! 

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