Friday, August 16, 2013

A message to my body

I wish I could tell my cervix how much it's hated for not doing its job and for being so weak. I wish I could tell my breast there are no babies so please stop trying to make milk for them. I wish I could tell my stomach to be flat because there will be no more babies growing in there. I wish I could tell my body how mad I am that it failed me and 3 babies.

I wish I could tell my lungs to work better I was given this thing at the hospital after my surgery to suck air through and using it makes my lungs feel on fire but at least I'm not coughing any more. 

I wish I could tell my body to make red blood cells faster so I could stop half the meds I am on. Some of them make me feel off for half the day. 

But of course if my body worked the way it's suppose to then I wouldn't have these problems. I would be pregnant still. Expecting a rainbow. Because if Joshua's water braking was a fluke it wouldn't have happened again. No it wasn't a fluke my body just sucks! 

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