Sunday, August 18, 2013

School Days

My oldest 4 children start the new school  year tomorrow. Going into the 9th, 7th, 4th, and 1st grades. I will still have Haleigh at home with me everyday. Although she is asking to go to day care. I think maybe after the first of the year I may do a moms day out with her, but for now she's stuck at home with mom.

I think about my children headed off to school and I get sad. For one I can't drive so my oldest 2 will be taken to school by their aunt. I love my sister and I'm great full she is willing to do that, but I'm their mom and I'm missing it. The younger two I will ride with my mom to go meet their teachers since I was in the hospital on that day, they must be so nervous not to even know what the teacher looks like. But at least I will be there with them. I then realize Haleigh only had one more year with me then she will also be off to school. I have 3 kids that will ever have a first day of school. Yes there are a lot of other first they will never have, but the start of school has made me realize that's another thing I won't get with them. And it makes me so sad. At least I know that since I have kids at 3 different schools and I also have 3 angles that each school will have an angle watching over them all day tomorrow. 

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