Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby Books

All of my children have baby books. They are all filled out. I know people who filled out the first kids baby book and then less with their second and if they have a third they may not even have a book for them. I on the other hand have always enjoyed keeping their books up to date and making each book special for just that child.

They make one for babies who are born still or die at birth or shortly after. Its called Footprints. I have one for Joshua that is all filled out. I just ordered 2 for the girls. I had decided before they were born that their books would not be the same, they would be just as different as my other children'd books. Because even though they were to be identical they were still two people. Now their books will be the exact same book and will be the exact book that Joshua has. The Book while I am completely greatful for is a little thin. I would love to have a place to write how I feel at 1,3,6,9,12 months after they were born a place to write on their would be birthdays on their would be first day of school. I know not every parent would want that in there and may think its too hard to think about all those special would be days, but for me it would be awesome to have all of that included in there. Instead its just a place to record all the birth information, and their resting place. They are I believe 15 pages and only cost 8$ each on Amazon.

I can tell you that when I bought Joshua's book in January I never imagined I would in 8 months need two more books. I wish I didn't need them. I wish I could still get two book that are bigger thicker, different from each other, meant for live babies, but I don't get that. I get 2 small books that will take 30 minutes each to fill out completely. They will be tucked away in Faith and Hope's memory boxes and stored away just as joshua's is. I dont keep them far from me, easy to get to incase i need to Cradle their blankets and smell their sweetness.


  1. Crystal, I got a book from Michael's, a hard cover parchment like paper inside book (I think they call it an autograph book?). For every time I want to talk to Robert, his birthdays, his angelversary, special times I just need to "talk" to him, I write in it. I also keep it in his memory box. I know it's not the same as your losses but I thought I would offer what I have done with my child who was "gone too soon". <3