Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Complete and Normal

That's what the report from the doctor's office says. The Girls were complete and normal, they confirmed they were girls, we of course knew that, but they run that test anyway they ran it with Joshua as well. His test were also normal. So Jason and I made 8 beautiful babies. All complete and all normal 4 boys Collin, Aden, Landon and Joshua and 4 girls Madalyn, Haleigh, Faith and Hope. Five of them we get to see grow and teach them about the world about God and about their brother and sisters in heaven. Three of them have wings and watch over us as we sleep. They keep their sisters and brothers on earth, and play together in heavens playground. They don't miss us as we miss them, they do not know the pain of this world, they are perfect and are rocked each night in the arms of Jesus.

My next appointment is September 20th. need to check on my blood count and reevaluate my mental status and see if I need any more sleeping pills. Speaking of sleeping pills, I slept last night better than I have in 8 and a half months. I wish I would have asked for them sooner. I didn't feel drugged this morning the way some over the counter drugs leave me feeling the next morning. I just felt relaxed and rested. I needed to feel rested after a day like yesterday and getting the news of the girls being normal today. I dont think i will need them every night to sleep, but after not sleeping for a week, and not sleeping well for 8 months, it was very needed last night and it maybe needed other times as well, but tonight i will try without them.


  1. I'm not sure this is the right word but Bittersweet comes to mind. It is so hard to live with the loss of a child yet being in the arms of Jesus and not feeling the pain of this world is a small blessing.

    1. It is, I feel my pain and see the pain of my living children and think how great it is that 3 of my children never felt pain.