Friday, January 18, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about how we live life. Looking forward to different things. Waiting for things to happen. Like most people just get through Monday to be closer to the weekend. Most people hate Mondays, it's the start of the week everyone is heading back to work or school, we have to get up early and we are tired when we get home. It's a Monday! People wait for vacations before having a good time with family, people wait for special days birthdays, anniversary ex.... To tell the people in their lives how they feel and to celebrate life. I have been the same way. But not anymore. Why can't we enjoy Mondays an celebrate our lives on Mondays or Tuesdays? Ask yourself have you hugged your child today? Have to told them how great full you are for them? Today is Friday. Did you wait all week for today to celebrate? Why? Yesterday was just as good as today. I've made up my mind I will not be waiting anymore if I want to spend extra time with my children on a random Tuesday well guess what I am going to pull them out of school and spend time with them. They are my children and I will do as I see fit as their mom. I will not wait if I want to celebrate their life in March and their birthday is in July I will celebrate their life in March. I will not wait to hug my children until they wake up I will wake them up when I feel like hugging them. I will not force them to wait on me to finish unimportant task to play with them. I will stop and play I will stop and enjoy them. I will not wait until the perfect time to take them to see things I want them to see. I will do it now. Stop planning on everyone always being there to enjoy things with you. No one is promised tomorrow. Take action do what you need to do today. Celebrate a Monday for no reason, sleep in on a Tuesday, go on a family field trip on a Thursday. But don't let life just pass by waiting on a Friday or waiting on special days. All days can be special. Live your life don't waist it waiting.

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