Sunday, January 20, 2013


As posted earlier. I am going to learn to sew Teeny Tears Diapers to donate to local hospitals to be used for their little born sleeping babies and those that pass away after birth. And some maybe asking why. Well that's simple, it means something. Maybe it's something that can't be explained. But imagine. You just have given birth to a beautiful sleeping baby. He's so small that there are no clothes to buy that will fit and no diaper because they just don't make diapers to fit a 10oz baby. So what is there to do. Simple the nurse wraps your baby in a small blanket and even though the blanket is nice and you will hold that blanket while you cry it's not the same as clothes for your child. And when you burry your child there are no clothes that will fit so you make sure to take the funeral home a blanket to wrap him in instead. It's sad. Clothes.... Everyone had clothes, but these tiny babies have no choice there is nothing to clothe them with, so we wrap them in blankets. That's the mission on Tiny Tears. To give each sleeping baby a diaper. Sounds easy enough right. I have learned the hardest part is actually getting in touch with the right people at the hospital. I am hoping I can help out with that locally since no local hospital has these diapers. I want so badly for other parents to have these. See they get 2. One goes on their baby. The other in their memory box to keep forever.

When I found out about Tiny Tears I was actually looking for blankets to make for sleeping babies. Something to show Joshua was here on earth and that he means something. That even while his life was very short that it could still mean something. In searching for different ideas I came across the pictures of these diapers and thought. Yes, I wish Joshua had one. So in reading more I realized I could make these diapers. The Tiny Tears would e mail me cards to go with them with Joshua's name on them and I could deliver them myself. It's exactly what I was looking for.

I have never sewed anything ever but everyone says these are so easy so I'm giving it my all. I will do this. It may take me longer than I want but I will get this going. I want to do something that has meaning to other parents who sadly will be exactly where I was and exactly where I am. I want then to have a diaper to put on their baby and to have him covered when he's buried not just wrapped.

This means something. This will mean something years from now. Joshua will help others heal, and maybe even help someone else make more diapers. I just hope that having something like this will at least make the parents smile even for just a moment and know that someone they never met loved their baby and cared about their feelings enough to make a diaper for their child.

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